Written by Dave on February 5th, 2010

Coach Dave,

I’m sure you hear a good number of turn around stores but few as compelling as the story of the Raleigh Redskins accomplished this season using the Winning Youth Football system. To say the Redskins were a bad football program would be putting it lightly. In 2008 this team was 1-6 and had scored 3 touchdowns for the entire season, the season before we were 0-7. Going back through the entire history of the Redskins they had never had a winning season and had only picked up an “odd” win here and there.

In fact this story even gets “better”, the league is divided into 6 pods, and each pod drafts players onto 2 teams. The reason this is important is when a player was drafted by the Redskins it was often viewed as a “death sentence”, kids and parents avoided our team like the plague. Parents commonly called the city to ask if their kids could be transferred off of our team. Getting the letter from us saying a player had been selected by the Redskins was as well received as getting an IRS audit letter. My son had the good fortune to be selected to play for the Redskins. I was asked to help, but had only played 1 year of football so I got on the internet and started doing my research, that is how your name came to my attention. I bought all your materials and found them so compelling I asked the other coaches to consider using your system. In the end they all decided to go whole hog, we used your Single Wing Offense, your defense, special teams, teaching progressions, drills and even your daily minute by minute practice plans.

This year the Redskins finished undefeated at 9-0. Instead of our 3 touchdowns total from last year, we never scored less than 3 touchdowns in any single game. We averaged over 27 points per game (mercy rule kicks in at 24 point differential) and our opponents averaged 6 points per game. We recorded 4 shutouts with your defense and won our championship game 27-0 against a team that has dominated us and the league for years. We were the talk of the league to put it mildly.

The coaches were proud of the season, but more importantly our kids had so much fun not only winning but using all the things you suggest to make practices fast paced and fun. Thank you so much for putting this together, you provided 30 children and 6 coaches an experience of a lifetime that none of us will soon forget.

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