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Youth Football Coaching Lessons Learned from Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes

This was a very difficult year for Ohio State, coming into the season they had a bunch of very talented players graduate. Their Heisman trophy candidate Running Back, their top Receiver, 4 starting Offensive Linemen, the list goes on and on. Then before the season even gets started, they lose to injury their record setting Heisman trophy candidate Quarterback. Along the way, they suffer a myriad of injuries including losing their redshirt freshman now starting Quarterback, who had morphed into a Heisman trophy candidate of his own.

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Speeding Up No-Huddle When Coaching Youth Football

One of the greatest things I get out of speaking at over 160 Coaches Clinics over the last 7 years is I get to listen and learn from other speakers. This past weekend I was in Racine, Wisconsin working with Tim Murphy and Rick Stewart. I got to ride with Rick to and from the […]

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Formationing and No-Huddle to Score Big Points in Youth Football

Formationing and Running No-Huddle Yes, you can run no-huddle in youth football, my teams haven’t huddled in the last 17 seasons, it’s not up for debate. But what about formationing? What about formationing and running no-huddle? Formationing is the theory that you don’t have to have a lot of plays to score a lot of […]

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Rapid Pace No-Huddle for Youth Football

Offensive Pace as a Weapon in Youth Football In today’s topsy-turvey world of college football, we see teams like Oregon and Oklahoma State running plays at breakneck speed to effectively wear down a defense, but can it work in youth football? With less practice time and less mature players is the risk reward equation leaning […]

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Making the Defensive Tackle Wrong on Every Play

Reading Defensive Tackles When Calling the Offense Many youth football coaches read Defensive Ends or Linebackers when they are trying to figure out the optimum play to call on offense. While that may make a lot of sense, don’t forget to pay attention to Defensive Tackles. They seem to come in many varieties, King Kong, […]

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Applying some Rapid Pace Oregon Duck Offense to Your Youth Football Team

 Speeding Up the Game When Coaching Youth Football Many of us have looked in amazement at the production the Oregon Ducks have had on offense in the last few years. Chip Kelly’s Ducks have averaged nearly 50 points per game in the last two years on their way to a National Championship game in 2010 against Auburn in […]

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Youth Football Plays That Don’t Work When Playing Good Teams

Youth Football Plays- Which Work and Don’t Work Against Quality Teams One of the things I found very interesting while watching over 60 different youth football teams play at the Pop Warner and AYF National Championships was observing trends. One of the things that was very evident early on and was very consistent in these […]

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More Votes for No Huddle- But for a Different Reason

More Votes for “Wrist Coaches” We have dedicated a number of posts on this blog about all the great reasons to go no-huddle and use “wrist-coaches” to call in your plays. But I overlooked one very important benefit that was pointed out to me by a youth football coach using my system that attended my […]

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Using the “Silent” Count in Youth Football

                        The Silent Count for Youth Football   A silent count is often used in youth football by teams trying to gain an advantage. On a silent count, the ball is snapped to the quarterback after the offense has gotten set, the quarterback lifts his hands slightly signaling to the center it is time to […]

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Defeating Press Coverage in Youth Football

Coaching Against Press Coverage In Youth Football   How do you defeat press coverage when coaching youth football? Most non-select teams in youth football do not play press coverage with their defensive backs, as it requires very physical and athletic corners. Press coverage almost always has the defensive backs right in the face of your […]

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