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Why Everyone Needs a “Mayor” on Your Youth Football Coaching Staff

Some youth football coaches love dealing with parents. They enjoy the personal relationships that can develop with some parents and are skilled at communicating with parents and problem solving the issues parents bring to their attention. There are others of us that just don’t have the time or patience to deal with the minutia or sort through the politics these conversations often times deal with.

We all have dealt with parents who are uninformed, unreasonable or there only to manipulate the situation to better serve their own selfish interests. We also have all dealt with very nice, well-meaning and reasonable people that want to make sure all the kids have a positive experience. The question is, do you have the time, energy and patience to handle all of that?

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How NOT to Beat that Big Beast Running Back in Youth Football

If you’ve coached youth football long enough, you are going to coach against that big beast running back that is carrying an entire team on his shoulders. He is usually at the absolute upper end of the age bracket, mature for his age (may have even started puberty early) and is usually right at the […]

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Tired of Missed Tackles- Simple Fix- The Tennis Ball Solution

“Grab, grab, grab, everyone is grabbing out there, no one is tackling” if you’ve ever watched any of that old NFL films footage you will remember that scene with NFL legend Vince Lombardi. Coach Lombardi was obviously upset at the lack of good tackling technique from his Packer defensive players, the expression on his face and […]

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Youth Football Teams Being Mandated How to Practice- Pop Warner Takes First Step

Pop Warner Takes First Step  Pop Warner, one of the nations largest and most influential youth football leagues mandated new practice rules this month. Pop Warner football has announced that coaches will be required to make at least two-thirds of their practice time non-contact, and during the one-third of the time with contact, there will […]

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New Additions- Offensive Line DVD, Defensive DVD, Book

Offensive Line DVD, Defensive DVD, Book In an effort to help the coaches using our DVDs to be more effective coaches, we’ve added text addendums chocked full of diagrams, pictures and detailed explanations of how and why we do what we do. This also has allowed us to add some of the new things we […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Youth Football Drills

Getting the Most Out of Your Drills, Killing Several Birds With One Stone The most successful youth football teams seem to do one thing very well, they get the most out of their practice time. You won’t see many wasted time, wasted movement or standing around. One way to do this is to combine several […]

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How Important is Ball Security in Youth Football?

How Important Are Turnovers in Youth Football? In the 2011 Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers probably lost the game due to turnovers. In the history of the Super Bowl the team that has won the turnover battle has won 33 and lost 3 of those games. Important in the NFL? Yes  But how important are […]

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Youth Football Fumble Recoveries- Scoop and Score or Safely Cover?

How Should You Teach Your Youth Football Players How to Recover Fumbles? When you are coaching youth football, should you teach your kids to scoop the ball on the run and take it the other way or to safely cover? In the 20 plus seasons I’ve coached youth football, I’ve only seen 5 scoop and […]

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Injury Risk in Youth Football- Facts Versus Propaganda

The True Story of Injury Risk in Youth Football Some people, mostly the proverbial “soccer moms”  have a fear their children will be hurt if they play youth football. Even Lombardi/Outland winner Ndomukong Suh’s mother wouldn’t allow him to play football until he got into the 8th grade, she required him to play soccer. Mr […]

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Overcoming Daddy Favoritism When Coaching Youth Football

 Daddy favoritism is one of the most common and deadly team killers in youth football. Almost all of us have seen it, the average player who is put into a no-win situation by a well meaning but selfish or delusional father. The average baseball player who would make a pretty good outfielder is made the […]

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