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Friday Night Tykes Youth Football Season Finale Show

The Broncos finished up just 1-7 after suffering through a horrific 2013 season that saw Coach Charles Chavarria suspended for teaching targeting. Seeing the Broncos under the covers rightfully scared a lot of parents off. The new coaching staff did a great job of being positive engaging the kids and teaching safe tackling methods, but they weren’t very good technical football coaches. Thankfully they didn’t hand out trophies to their team. I’m fine with participation trophies for kids aged 7 and under but for 5th and 6th grade kids, not so much. It’s great the kids made it through the season, the bags were a good gesture, but trophies are for excellence, leave that for the YMCA soccer leagues.

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Free Video Clips of My Teams in Action

Here are a few short video clips of some of my teams in action: Please note the Google Video is not the same quality as what you get on the DVD, the DVDs are much better quality and the 2006 shots were filmed and edited by a local TV cameraman. These clips: Are of my […]

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2006 Youth Football Season Recap

The following thread is a recap of the 2006 season, unfortunately I didn’t start a log until week 3 or 4. Next season the entries will start at the first practice. You may be able to get a feeling how we call our games and run our football practices by reading through the details of […]

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Game 12 Youth Football Results

Our trip to Kansas City for our “Souper Bowl” trip was a great time for the team and a nice end of season reward. We stayed at the Great Wolfe Lodge waterpark hotel. We had no major incidents and all of our players made it safe to the hotel and to the ballfield. We had […]

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Game 12 Football Practice Prep

We are now relegated to the GYM because with daylight savings time it is pretty dark now by 5:45 and very dark by 6:15. We usually start football practice at 6:00 because our team is fairly rural and we have parents getting off work with distances to cover etc. We had 2 football practices this […]

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Game 11 Youth Football Results

Very warm day for this late in the year and our opponnent is driving over an hour to play us at home. We have everyone healthy and all but one of our players shows, everyone but our center. We thought we would be missing a brother tandem but they skipped a wedding to play in […]

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Game 11 Youth Football Practice

We had an excellent week of practice, maybe the best of the year even though we are down to about 1 hour due to daylight issues. At this time of the year we always try to keep the kids attention by putting in a trick football play or two. We may never run them, but […]

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Game 10 Youth Football Results 2006 Season

We got a last minute exta game scheduled 90 miles away vs an Inner City Youth Football program in Omaha. None of our parents were expecting we would play and I didn’t get confirmation we would play until late Thursday. It was important that we get back on track and get another game in before […]

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First Practice after Game 9 Loss

While we had made a number of mistakes that cost us the game, the other team had played well and deserved to win. Many of the kids on our team had never played in a game that was a loss, so we had a very different football practice that Monday. Because of the lack of […]

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Results Youth Football Game 9 Fall 2006

This was our semifinal game vs another undefeated team that had racked up similar point totals as us on defense and some good numbers on offense. I only got to see them play 4-5 plays of a game before our game a few weeks ago. They ran some shotgun spread and some split backs and […]

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