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Banquet Time in Youth Football

Banquet Ideas for Your Youth Football Teams Team banquets or award ceremonies can be a great way to wrap up seasons. There are many ways to do this, here is what worked well for us this season: Two weeks after the season ended we rented the YMCA out for an all-nighter on a Friday night. […]

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Clock Management Tips to Win Games

Clock Management in Youth Football Many youth football coaches fail to understand the importance of managing the clock in youth football. When you have average or weak teams, you have to use every little advantage you can squeeze out. That was the case with my 7th-8th grade team this year, we were by far the […]

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Game 10 Update

In the last game of the season my 7-8th Grade team beat a very solid and huge Double Wing team 30-12 in a game we dominated from the start. We were ahead 24-0 early in the second quarter in an extra game we lined up with an inner-city team with very good size and speed […]

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Game 9 Results

This weeks game results: My 5-6th grade team won 32-14 over a well coached 5-2 Spread team. Scored 4 times on Burst 26G, key the QB or the BB and the Burst 26G is there every time. We made 2 defensive adjustments at halftime and shut them out the second half. The head of this […]

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Game 7 Results

Grade 7-8 team won 28-14 against a team that had 8 points total scored on them the entire season. We were also at the 3 yard line as time expired at the half. Really proud of our kids. We still have not had to punt in 7 games. Grade 5-6 team won 33-6 after leading […]

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Game 6 Youth Football Results

My 7-8 Grade team won 32-14 Grade 5-6 team won 26-6 Grade 3-4 team won 14-0

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Game 5 Youth Football Results

My 7-8 grade team lost 26-14 to undefeated team. Grade 5-6 team lost 62-54 in Overtime to undefeated team ( beast player from other team had 8 Touchdowns) Grade 3-4 team won 34-6

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Game 4 Youth Football Game Results

My Grade 7-8 team won 30-6 Grade 5-6 team won 48-12 Grade 3-4 team won 32-30

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Game 1 Results

Week 1 Game Results  All three of the youth football teams I coach won games this Sunday. These were non-league games against teams whose age ranges are 1 year older than ours in games for my 2 younger teams. My 3rd-4th graders beat the Omaha Cornhuskers age 8-10 team 34-6 after taking a commanding 28-6 […]

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