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Worst to First Youth Football Season Wrap Up

While we struggled the first couple of weeks to find our footing with the coaches, players and parents, we came together and figured out something that worked for this unique equation. My biggest personal moments from the season was the tearful farewells and thank yous I got from the players and the subsequent texts and updates from them since leaving. The meeting of the minds with the assistant coach that I had the bad relationship with ranks up there, the hug we shared after the first round playoff win. Seeing all those rookie eight grade kids finish the season, being able to joke about their initial fears and gaining from being a part of a competitive team was a big one. Seeing our kids talk about the new found respect they got from their classmates in school who were playing against them made me smile a bit. It was so much fun seeing these kids come together and believe that they could beat anyone they played and effort through to the final whistle in every game was very encouraging.

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What I Would Have Done Differently Coaching Youth Football in 2014

We had a coaching staff of 6 including me. I had very good relationships with “the Mayor” who was instrumental in bringing me to Reno and my Offensive Line and Nose Tackle assistant. The Mayor also coached Defensive Ends. The 2 coaches I worked with the most and spent the most time with away from the field were my most trusted and loyal coaches.Why was that? Because we knew each other. One coach I had breakfast with and worked out with 5 days a week, the other would often times give me rides to practice. I took an interest in his new career path and his family.

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Semi Final Matchup Game Time- Worst to First Youth Football

Our kids were pretty tight prior to this game, but nothing overwhelming, just not as loose as in previous games. I didn’t make an impassioned speech, just a few words about how proud I was of them and to just play as hard as they possibly could, to play within themselves and to protect the football. I couldn’t help but be proud and a little emotional about how far this team had come. Our mantra for the last month had been “there is no tomorrow.” We had practiced and played like that for the last 30 days.

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Preparing For Goliath- Youth Football Playoff Prep

          How do you prepare your kids to be youth football giant killers when over the last 6 years they have struggled to beat even average foes? We had 3 practices to get our kids ready mentally, physically, fundamentally and scheme wise. This is the pilot season that was shot for the […]

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Youth Football Playoff Week Two- Facing Goliath Again

What were we facing was an undefeated team averaging 51 points per game. More impressive was that their first team defense had only given up 40 points all season and we had scored 26 of those points in our first meeting. So their first team defense was giving up just 4 points per game. They were a pistol spread team that ran both trips and double slots. They had the most athletic Quarterback in the league with a good arm, he was a threat from anywhere on the field. Their Running Back had scored on runs of 97 and two runs of more than 40 yards in game one. While all 4 of their receivers had scored more than 2 touchdowns in individual games, their best slot had scored on us twice in game one, once from over 50 yards out

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Playoff Test- Responding to the Punch in the Mouth in Youth Football

Our halftime was pretty tense, several of our coaches were right on the edge, trying to give that inspirational boost to the team. I stepped in and calmly talked about what we would do. When we saw the MPRs in we would go to Monster with the extra run support from our M back. I told the Corners to totally ignore the MPRs and move up from 8 to 5 yards to play the run.

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Preparing for the Playoff Round One Worst to First

We didn’t take time to dwell on the last game or pat ourselves on making the playoffs, we had to get ready for McQueen. McQueen was one of the leagues bullies, they had mercy ruled our team every time we had played them in the last 6 years. McQueen fed into McQueen High School, which had often times been ranked in the USA Today Top 20 for High School teams. They had a very big and nice stadium at the base of the mountains with fieldturf and lights.

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Playoff Bound or Not? Youth Football Worst to First

            Going into this game we felt fairly confident even though we had identical records. This is the pilot season that was shot for the reality television show “Worst to First”  I took an eighth grade team that had won about six games in the last six years in the largest and most competitive league […]

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Game Eight Playoffs or No Playoffs? Worst to First Youth Football Reality Show

This weeks practice was going to be all about defense. Our offense was averaging right at about 40 points a game and we had even moved the ball consistently against the best team in the league. We had to get better at pursuit, tackling and defending the pass. We would add in a couple of stunts using our Monster back who last year had played Defensive Tackle and was the leading sack master on the team. While I’m not a big fan of blitzing, because we have a fundamentally sound defense that doesn’t require big plays to be successful, I wanted something in the tool kit to develop pressure on the Quarterback if we were struggling to defend the pass.

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Youth Football Bye Weeks Worst to First Youth Football Experience

Much of what we worked on was building team unity, via things like tire flip relays, pass catching relays, dummy tackling relays, dummy carry relays and Hawaiian Rules football. We worked about 60 minutes of individual, group and team, then spent 60 minutes on fun stuff and getting to know and trust one another better. Every night for the last 2 weeks we were doing the 20 things I like about X. By the end of the season we would cover every player. We also did a birthday thing with cakes and mini roast for one of our players, the one I had problems with earlier in the season. Celebrating players birthdays is a good thing as long as the player is someone that is efforting and adding value. Often times that helps keep things fun and will help with the bonding process.

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