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2015 Youth Football Season- Summer Work

These speed sessions weren’t mandatory and were open to anyone, even if they weren’t on our team. We even had two girls in the program. I told the boys we didn’t want ANY of them to substitute this for playing baseball, that those team sports came first. We let them know these sessions were just there to help them get better as an athlete, it didn’t matter to us if they came or not and would NOT have anything to do with playing time etc.

To make the program more accessible, we went on Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning from 8-9. We went Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening from 6-7. So we were able to get some of the baseball kids too. We limited each player to just 2 sessions per week. Of our 95 players, we probably had 65 attend sessions with about 35-40 coming consistently. It started a week after school got out and wrapped up the week before we started practicing.

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Youth Football Players Being Recruited as Eighth Graders

Are eighth grade youth football players just out of puberty really understand the criteria they should be using to determine what college makes the most sense for their needs? Heck they don’t even know what their needs are. In most cases, they probably don’t have a field of study picked out to even know if that college offers it.

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What Other Sports Help Develop Youth Football Players Best

The youth football season is over for most of us, so now what? See what we do in my next newsletter. Many of us look to other sports to help players develop into better athletes, better football players and better teammates. With so many different sports to choose from these days, which make the most […]

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Coaching Youth Football Running Backs

Helping Your Running Backs to Make Cuts When Coaching Youth Football There are a few simple drills you can add to your practice plans to help your running backs make more effective cuts. While some of your very athletic players with excellent body control already instinctively make effective cuts, you will need to teach the […]

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Dealing With The Oppressive High School Football Coach

What to Say to the Local High School Coach, Pressuring You to Run His System? I love going to places where football is important. The Bay Area has good football and there are plenty of good youth football coaches I’ve met over the years from that area. My wife and I had the good fortune […]

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Youth Football Athletic Development

Boyd Epley, is often considered to be the “godfather” of modern strength and speed training for football. Boyd has published many articles on proper weight and speed training for young men age 10-14 as well as the college kids. I’ve spoken at the same clinics as Boyd, his presentations are always off the charts. My […]

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The Deer Hunter Game for Youth Football, New Twist

  As many of you know I’m a huge proponent of using unique movements and games to help me determine who should play what positions as well as help the athletic development and conditioning of my players. One of the best games for doing this is the Deer Hunter game. Last weekend at my Coaches […]

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Youth Football: The Dummy Relay Race To Evaluate Youth Football Players

    The Dummy Relay Race Game for Evaluating and Conditioning Youth Football Players. We use a variety of fun games to not only condition our kids but for team building and evaluation purposes as well. Youth Football is a game that values core strength, this is the strength a player has from just under his […]

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Youth Football Player Evaluations- How to Get it Right 100% of the Time in Youth Football

  Evaluating Youth Football Players Evaluating youth football players either for a draft or to determine positions is one of the most important but most poorly performed tasks done by many youth football coaches. Too often a player is assigned a position because he “looks” like the position without regards to the skills required of […]

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Football Speed Training in Youth Football

  What We Are Doing This Spring Speed Development For the second consecutive year my youth football program is doing an abbreviated “football speed” development program in the Spring. The program is designed to develop enthusiasm for playing in our program while working on form and “football speed” development. The program is called FASTT for […]

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