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Participation Trophies For Youth Football More On Why I’m Not a Fan

                  Participation Trophies, for youth football, I’m not a fan. In my program we do not award trophies for participating. We are not YMCA every game ends in a tie- we don’t keep score soccer thing. While we make sure to be inclusive in practice and have […]

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Youth Football Lessons Learned from this Years NFL Superbowl

Did you get a chance to watch this years Superbowl? Better question, did you watch the whole thing or did you shut it off at halftime and chalk the game up to an Atlanta win? If you did watch could you find any takeaways you could use coaching your own youth football team next season?

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What Should a Youth Football Player Expect From His Coaches?

What should a youth football player expect from his youth football coaches? That’s an interesting question, but one we should probably all ask ourselves as we start preparing for the coming season of youth football coaching. Here is my top 10: 10) We expect you to be the adult on the football field. To be […]

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Youth Football Coaches Fighting Again- Why?

It isn’t even September yet and low and behold we have the first football fight of the youth football season. The NBC San Diego affiliate is reporting that a youth football coach was arrested after a confrontation with a parent – apparently stemming from a dispute over recruitment of a top player – in which the […]

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Single Wing 303- Taking the Single Wing Offense to the Next Level

Single Wing 303 and Developing Chemistry, Character and Confidence Step-by-Step are finally unavailable after a long wait. Single Wing 303 Covers: Nuances and advanced adjustments on several base plays and series The New Buck Series More Detail on the Burst Series The New Super Series Omaha Spread Single Wing Cross Pass Series Smoke Pass Series […]

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Let the Migration of the Excuse Makers Begin

It is like clockwork at this time of year, I get floods of e-mails from very successful youth coaches telling me about how they are getting bashed by their detractors. It is as regular as Old Faithful, leaves turning in the fall and birds migrating south for the winter. When your competitors are whining about […]

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Dealing With Quitters in Youth Football- Coaching Youth Football

Coaching Youth Football-Keeping Your Kids Youth football can do so much to help a young man develop his character and confidence, we hate to see anyone quit. Pride yourself in keeping everyone and make it your personal responsibility to retain all the kids, no matter their ability. Last year I head coached 3 teams and […]

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Overcoming Daddy Favoritism When Coaching Youth Football

 Daddy favoritism is one of the most common and deadly team killers in youth football. Almost all of us have seen it, the average player who is put into a no-win situation by a well meaning but selfish or delusional father. The average baseball player who would make a pretty good outfielder is made the […]

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Why Paint the House, When the Foundation is Broke- Misplaced Priorities When Coaching Youth Football

Misplaced Priorities When Coaching Youth Football The biggest mistake poor performing youth football coaches make are misplacing priorities. I communicated with a youth coach last month who had struggled the last 2 years. He was not using our system and was looking to change schemes. He was putting hundreds of hours of research in coming […]

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Lessons for Youth Football Coaches From a Major League Baseball Controversy

Reacting to Blown Calls When Coaching Youth Football On June 3rd Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Gallarraga was one out from throwing a perfect game when a ground ball hit by Jason Donald went for a single on the 27th out. The problem was Donald was mistakenly called safe at first base by umpire Jim Joyce, replays showed […]

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