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Denver Youth Football Coaches Clinic

Thank you so much Denver- we had an awesome time at the clinic with right at 200 youth coaches in attendance. Such an attentive and interactive group. We were able to do a lot of demos on the oline and defensive segments and we even ran a few plays and adjustments on offense.

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Baltimore- GREAT TEMPLATE for Greatness- Youth Football Coaches Clinic

                        Thank you Baltimore for the great youth football coaches clinic we had there last weekend. I’ve done over 200 coaches clinics all over the world, but it’s always such a treat to get back to Baltimore. If you aren’t a clinic guy you […]

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High School Football Coaches- How to Put on a Youth Football Coaching Clinic

How to Put on a Successful Youth Football Coaches Clinic So now you’ve decided to put on a youth football coaches clinic, now what? How do you make it so they get something out of it? What should you teach? How should you teach it? How do you get them to come back? #1) Be […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Attending a Football Coaching Clinic

One of the very best ways to improve your youth football coaching skills is to attend a coaches clinic. If you’ve never gone to one, how do you get the most out of it? There are lots of answers.

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The Importance of the Passing Game in Youth Football

The Importance of the Passing Game When Coaching Youth Football   Many youth football coaches look at their kids and look at their league and they see lots of teams futility in throwing the football. They see poorly trained Quarterbacks and Receivers in systems that make little sense for the age group. These coaches see lots […]

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The Youth Football Coaching “Dream Team”

Last week in Ft Meyers Florida, I helped a youth football team along with a couple of long time friends, Dan Schalger and Jeff Miret. The coaches we helped kept referring to us as the youth football coaching equivalent to the “Dream Team.” No matter how much we laughed at and tried to move past […]

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Youth Coaching Clinic Atlanta

Thanks again to all the fellas in SEC Country, we had a near sellout at our youth coaching clinic in Atlanta.  Thanks to a very active and engaged crowd we were able to do a lot of demos and dig deep into the bits and bytes of what we do to make teams successful. I saw a […]

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Beware the “NFL” Youth Football Coach

Beware the NFL Youth Football Coach In youth football your assistant coaches and be a godsend or a pebble in your shoe. One assistant coach I remember once brought me a stack of Linebacker drills he had culled from a very well known NFL coach. He had obviously put some time and effort into getting […]

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Youth Football Coaching Clinics

 Youth Football Coaching Clinics 2011 With the exception of working side by side for an entire season with the best youth coach in your area, coaching clinics are probably the best use of your time to help prepare you for next season. It always amazes me who I see attending early morning and late night […]

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Thoughts from the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic- Orlando

For those of you that attended, the Nike Clinic was excellent. They had a full slate of real life youth coaches speaking on real life youth topics. There were also a few sessions being presented by College and High School coaches that made sense for us youth coaches.  I really enjoyed meeting Navy Head Coach […]

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