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Lavar Ball Situation and How to Deal With Parents When Coaching Youth Football

Lavar Ball should be featured in Wikipedia under the term- Terrible Sports Parent. If you are coaching youth football you know guys like this. His actions have heightened awareness on the problems of problem sports parents.

We’ve all seen this buffoon on the news the last few weeks, so what has everyone up in arms? For starters this year his two younger sons Chino California High School team after winning their first nine games was playing in a tournament where Lavar Ball basically tried to hijack the team.

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Youth Football Players Being Recruited as Eighth Graders

Are eighth grade youth football players just out of puberty really understand the criteria they should be using to determine what college makes the most sense for their needs? Heck they don’t even know what their needs are. In most cases, they probably don’t have a field of study picked out to even know if that college offers it.

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Why Everyone Needs a “Mayor” on Your Youth Football Coaching Staff

Some youth football coaches love dealing with parents. They enjoy the personal relationships that can develop with some parents and are skilled at communicating with parents and problem solving the issues parents bring to their attention. There are others of us that just don’t have the time or patience to deal with the minutia or sort through the politics these conversations often times deal with.

We all have dealt with parents who are uninformed, unreasonable or there only to manipulate the situation to better serve their own selfish interests. We also have all dealt with very nice, well-meaning and reasonable people that want to make sure all the kids have a positive experience. The question is, do you have the time, energy and patience to handle all of that?

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Injury Risk in Youth Football- Facts Versus Propaganda

The True Story of Injury Risk in Youth Football Some people, mostly the proverbial “soccer moms”  have a fear their children will be hurt if they play youth football. Even Lombardi/Outland winner Ndomukong Suh’s mother wouldn’t allow him to play football until he got into the 8th grade, she required him to play soccer. Mr […]

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Overcoming Daddy Favoritism When Coaching Youth Football

 Daddy favoritism is one of the most common and deadly team killers in youth football. Almost all of us have seen it, the average player who is put into a no-win situation by a well meaning but selfish or delusional father. The average baseball player who would make a pretty good outfielder is made the […]

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Lessons for Youth Football Coaches From a Major League Baseball Controversy

Reacting to Blown Calls When Coaching Youth Football On June 3rd Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Gallarraga was one out from throwing a perfect game when a ground ball hit by Jason Donald went for a single on the 27th out. The problem was Donald was mistakenly called safe at first base by umpire Jim Joyce, replays showed […]

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Dealing With The Oppressive High School Football Coach

What to Say to the Local High School Coach, Pressuring You to Run His System? I love going to places where football is important. The Bay Area has good football and there are plenty of good youth football coaches I’ve met over the years from that area. My wife and I had the good fortune […]

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Dealing With Difficult Player Agents (Parents) in Youth Football

Parent Problems in Youth Football  I’m seeing a flood of posts on youth football forums and even getting a few e-mails from youth football coaches complaining about “player agents” also known as parents. Most of these unhappy coaches are dealing with parents that have non-issues, have an agenda, are misinformed, don’t know much about the […]

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Youth Football Parents Say the Most Telling Things

  Youth Football Parents Say the Darndest Things Sometimes youth football parents say the darndest and in some cases the most revealing things. We pay to have all of our games filmed by a professional videographer. We do a year end video for each player, we add interesting and amusing text comments and set the entire […]

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Parents Contract in Youth Football

Getting parents “On Board” is key when you are coaching youth football and want to keep your sanity. Some Parents Don’t “Get” Youth Football Many parents just don’t understand what is acceptable and unacceptable fan behavior. Remember your program will always be judged by the aggregated actions of your coaches, players AND parents. If you […]

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