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No Huddle Play Calling Systems

  Lots of youth  football teams want to go no huddle. They use a variety of no huddle play calling systems to communicate with their players. Some work well and are simple, others work well and are difficult and some don’t work very well at all. Going no huddle can save your team a lot […]

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Youth Football Lessons Learned from this Years NFL Superbowl

Did you get a chance to watch this years Superbowl? Better question, did you watch the whole thing or did you shut it off at halftime and chalk the game up to an Atlanta win? If you did watch could you find any takeaways you could use coaching your own youth football team next season?

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Friday Night Tykes Episode 5 Review

Once again the Predators focus on “being physical” in practice during the week. We see lots of one on one tackling drills from long distance. These aren’t even open field tackling drills where tacklers can learn how to break down, pursue and track, these are mindless hitting drills where the runner has to run straight ahead from 7-10 yards right at the tackler. What a waste of a youth football practice.

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Youth Football Practice Day Before Game 1

              That last youth football practice before game one is filled with a few last minute details that can help your youth football team or cost you dearly.  As we review my 2015 season PLEASE STEAL as many ideas as you can. The goal of this exercise is to help […]

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Putting Your Youth Football Team in the Best Position to Win When Scouting

If being effective means staying away from strengths or at least putting those strengths into conflict and attacking weaknesses, why not track where those personnel weaknesses are? In youth football today about 85% of teams play with some type of mandatory play rule. Pop Warner and AYF both have it, as to most others. The minimum requirement may be anything from 4-16 plays.

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Youth Football Coaching Lessons Learned From the Super Bowl

The rub had Seattle’s Richard Sherman #25 drive the Patriots #39 Brandon Browner while Seattle’s #13 Chris Mathews came underneath on the short slant. Was it a classic slant/arrow concept? Not sure Sherman was pressed up and there was immediate contact. My thought it was a rub/pick all the way but Sherman just didn’t get enough movement on Browner to make Malcom Brown have to run over the hump. Brown recognized the concept early and made a great play on the ball. He was able to pursue to the ball on a straight line path, thanks to Browner jamming Sherman at the line and not giving up any ground. That is great fundamental play and excellent pattern reading and reaction by both Browner and Brown. Hats off to them and their coaching staff, they were well prepared.

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Youth Football Coaching Lessons Learned from Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes

This was a very difficult year for Ohio State, coming into the season they had a bunch of very talented players graduate. Their Heisman trophy candidate Running Back, their top Receiver, 4 starting Offensive Linemen, the list goes on and on. Then before the season even gets started, they lose to injury their record setting Heisman trophy candidate Quarterback. Along the way, they suffer a myriad of injuries including losing their redshirt freshman now starting Quarterback, who had morphed into a Heisman trophy candidate of his own.

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Developing a Passing “Threat” In Youth Football When You Have None

This post is going to talk about how to develop a pass threat in youth football when you don’t have the players to do so. As promised I’m going to try and help coaches who inherit athletically challenged and small youth football teams by sharing my story from coaching my 3-4 grade team (8-9 year […]

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Whatever the Weather is It’s GOOD for Your Youth Football Team

Whatever the Weather is It’s GOOD for Your Youth Football Team- Gaining the Uppper Hand Youth football players are amazing creatures. They will usually be in lockstep with the head coaches attitude and demeanor, especially on game days. This past weekend my 3-4 grade team played a game in a nice High School stadium with […]

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Using the Oregon Board Method for No-Huddle Playcalling

No Huddle- The Board System for Youth Football With the advent of Oregon and their fast paced warp speed no-huddle system, everyone seems to be wanting to get on the bandwagon to move to their picture and board system for calling plays. Before you go investing big money in lots and lots and lots of […]

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