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Why I Hate The Clap Snap for Youth Football

Hate is a strong word, I don’t hate anyone, but I do severely dislike some actions. One of the actions on that short list is the clap snap

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Youth Football Coaching Outsmarting Yourself

If that sounds like something you’ve done, don’t sweat it, it happens at the college level too and I will give you an egregious example of it later in this article. Some coaches feel like they have to be the “smartest guy in the room” or do something totally off the wall. Why do they do this? Sometimes they feel it’s the only chance they have to succeed even if the odds are long. Sometimes these coached just want the accolades of doing something totally off the wall and succeeding, if they were by chance lucky enough to pull it off.

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What Offense Should Your Youth Football Team Run This Season

The first one is what can you and your coaching staff teach? What kind of experience does your coaching staff have in teaching the type of skills, blocking schemes, techniques and offensive execution of the offense you are considering? Let’s say you are considering copying the offense Concord De La Salle (DLS) High School in California runs. DLS runs a split back veer offense and combines it with a limited spread package. DLS is consistently in the USA Today Top 20, a great team. Does your offensive line coach understand how to teach veer and option type blocking schemes? Most veer teams will run a combination of inside veer, outside veer and midline option. Some will also run some gap power and counter schemes

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The Wham Play for Youth Football

The Wham play is something most NFL and College teams use today. If you watched the College Football National Championship game, the Wham was used on Elliott’s early 33 yard touchdown run for Ohio State. He ran untouched to the endzone.

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Why You Need a Trap Play in Youth Football

Why You Need a Trap Play When Coaching Youth Football A lot of youth football coaches don’t have a trap play in their playbook. It is a play that has fallen out of favor for a variety of reasons. Lots of guys watch College or NFL games on TV and get enamored with the latest fad. You […]

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Why You DON’T Want the Youth Program to Run The High School Scheme

Yeah this might be counterintuitive, you want those kids from the youth program to come in to your program with a head start on your scheme right? Maybe not. Did you know that most youth football defenses are 5-2, 5-3, 6-2  or 7 Diamond like? One popular youth defense is called the GAM and it’s an […]

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Why One Trick Ponies Won’t WIn You Championships in Youth Football

Why One Trick Pony Plays and Formations Make Little Sense This is the time of year where I get a lot of questions about elaborate plays and formations. Many youth coaches have had the last 9 months to come up with some pretty wild stuff. . When you use one trick pony plays or formations, […]

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Formationing and No-Huddle to Score Big Points in Youth Football

Formationing and Running No-Huddle Yes, you can run no-huddle in youth football, my teams haven’t huddled in the last 17 seasons, it’s not up for debate. But what about formationing? What about formationing and running no-huddle? Formationing is the theory that you don’t have to have a lot of plays to score a lot of […]

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Tips on Running Fast Pace No-Huddle Offense in Youth Football

Many youth coaches watch football on Saturdays and salivate at the thoughts of running a fast pace no-huddle offense with their youth teams. Most are trying to do it to gain a competitive advantage. No matter your goals for running fast pace no-huddle, you aren’t going to have much success with it without completely changing […]

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Youth Football Teams Being Mandated How to Practice- Pop Warner Takes First Step

Pop Warner Takes First Step  Pop Warner, one of the nations largest and most influential youth football leagues mandated new practice rules this month. Pop Warner football has announced that coaches will be required to make at least two-thirds of their practice time non-contact, and during the one-third of the time with contact, there will […]

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