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Why I Hate The Clap Snap for Youth Football

Hate is a strong word, I don’t hate anyone, but I do severely dislike some actions. One of the actions on that short list is the clap snap

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Solving Center Issues In Youth Football

We attack the problem four different ways with; personnel, technique, practice reps and creating pressure. A lot of youth football coaches get it wrong because they don’t choose the right player. Day one of practice you are always looking for two Center candidates. I’m always looking for that average or above sized kid who is calm, coachable and processes information well.

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Getting “Comfortable: in Your Stance in Youth Football

Many guys coaching yourh football today are former High School and College players. Many of you played for teams that asked their players to get into their offensive stances as soon as the player got to the line of scrimmage. The thought proccess was to allow the player to get “comfortable” in his stance. Great […]

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Youth Football Teams Being Mandated How to Practice- Pop Warner Takes First Step

Pop Warner Takes First Step  Pop Warner, one of the nations largest and most influential youth football leagues mandated new practice rules this month. Pop Warner football has announced that coaches will be required to make at least two-thirds of their practice time non-contact, and during the one-third of the time with contact, there will […]

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New Additions- Offensive Line DVD, Defensive DVD, Book

Offensive Line DVD, Defensive DVD, Book In an effort to help the coaches using our DVDs to be more effective coaches, we’ve added text addendums chocked full of diagrams, pictures and detailed explanations of how and why we do what we do. This also has allowed us to add some of the new things we […]

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What is Holding in Youth Football Today?

Holding seems to be an evolving “penalty” at all levels of football. Did you know that the rules in the NFL, College and High School game have NOT been changed to allow defensive linemen to hold? That goes double for youth football, where 48 of the 50 states us NFHS rules, while Texas and Massachusetts […]

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Considering Zone Blocking?

                       Zone Blocking For Non-Select Youth Football Teams?  A prevalent blocking scheme in the NFL and College is now the zone. You even see some of the more athletic High Schools going to that scheme. There are even a handful of youth teams out there trying to zone block. When you go to zone blocking, remember […]

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Youth Football- Getting Your Offensive Linemen to Get the Lead Out

Your Offensive Line Pulling Too Slow? In youth football, if you have the most size and talent in the league, you probably don’t need to bother pulling linemen. With proper technique your team should be able to handle all their blocks 1 on 1. On the other hand if you don’t have the most size and […]

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Youth Football Offensive Line “Must Dos”

    Offensive Line “Must Dos” in Youth Football One of the most common problems many young offensive lines struggle with is getting aligned properly. Unfortunately many youth football coaches take for granted the kids will align in a timely and orderly fashion. In reality many don’t, the players have to be instructed and trained […]

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The Offensive Line and Team Defense DVDs are Ready

Team Defense and Offensive Line DVDs The long awaited materials on team defense and offensive line play are now available. While the book contains our defensive philosophy, schemes, player descriptions, responsibilities and all of our stunts, blitzes, adjustments and drills, for the last 2 years coaches have been bugging me to come our with a […]

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