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Developing a Passing “Threat” In Youth Football When You Have None

This post is going to talk about how to develop a pass threat in youth football when you don’t have the players to do so. As promised I’m going to try and help coaches who inherit athletically challenged and small youth football teams by sharing my story from coaching my 3-4 grade team (8-9 year […]

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The Importance of the Passing Game in Youth Football

The Importance of the Passing Game When Coaching Youth Football   Many youth football coaches look at their kids and look at their league and they see lots of teams futility in throwing the football. They see poorly trained Quarterbacks and Receivers in systems that make little sense for the age group. These coaches see lots […]

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Top of the Route Drills For Youth Football Receivers

Top of the Route Drills For Youth Football One of the great things about doing coaching clinics are the people you meet. At the Glazier Mega Clinic in San Francisco last month the driver picked me up at the airport and then went to pick up another coach. This coach was outgoing and talkative and […]

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Learning From The Legend AYF Coach of the Year Joe Cianflone

Learning From the Best  One of the things that I try to do is learn from other successful coaches, there is no shame in copying the best and that goes for yours truly. When I went to the AYF and Pop Warner National Championships in December I got to meet Joe Cianflone, the head coach […]

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Solving a Common Youth Football Receiver Problem

Have you ever had a receiver that accelerates poorly after he breaks off a pass route or maybe had a kid who slows down once he turns his head to look for the ball? I have on several occasions. Not only does the receiver lose the separation he created with the defender via his pattern, […]

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Pass Catching Tips When Coaching Youth Football

Pass Catching Tips from Raymond Berry Last month someone sent me the Raymond Berry pass receiving videos as a gift. While I’m always skeptical of how much us youth football coaches can apply from a video meant to train High School, College and even Pro players, there were a few pointers that made quite of […]

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Defeating Press Coverage in Youth Football

Coaching Against Press Coverage In Youth Football   How do you defeat press coverage when coaching youth football? Most non-select teams in youth football do not play press coverage with their defensive backs, as it requires very physical and athletic corners. Press coverage almost always has the defensive backs right in the face of your […]

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