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Week Three Youth Football Practice

Lots of youth football coaches want to know about schemes and drills, but what matters most is what and how you practice. Here is a post to help you understand what you should be working on in Week Three Youth Football Practice. Week Three Youth Football Practice The first day of week three for most […]

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The Top 10 Things Youth Football Coaches Do to Screw Up Their Teams

A lightbulb came on and I thought, we might as well copy the things we see as common amongst all of these great programs- but why not study the consistently poor programs too? If we found commonality there and committed to NOT doing what the poor youth football programs did, maybe there would be value there as well.

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Week One Youth Football Practice

Week one practice for a typical youth football team, is kind of like Goldilocks porridge. You don’t want it to be too hot- too much, you don’t want it to be too cold-too little, you want it to be just about right. The problem is most youth coaches, don;t understand what just about right looks like.

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Youth Football Pre-Season Camp

Youth Football camps a how to on doing a pre season camp for youth football teams.

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Youth Football Coaching Outsmarting Yourself

If that sounds like something you’ve done, don’t sweat it, it happens at the college level too and I will give you an egregious example of it later in this article. Some coaches feel like they have to be the “smartest guy in the room” or do something totally off the wall. Why do they do this? Sometimes they feel it’s the only chance they have to succeed even if the odds are long. Sometimes these coached just want the accolades of doing something totally off the wall and succeeding, if they were by chance lucky enough to pull it off.

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The Gable Method to Coaching Youth Football- Learning From an All-Time Great

As a youth football coach or in business, most successful people take the time to learn from other people who have succeeded doing a similar task. That makes total sense, find someone who has done what you would like to do and copy them. The problem is many times we walk right by people who might be great at a task that is very similar to yours but might be an aisle over. Dan Gable the greatest wrestling coach of all time would fit that bill.

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Week One Youth Football Practice End of Week One

Day 3 also included an e-mail asking for feedback and questions again about a couple of kids we weren’t quite sure about. Day 3 was about offense. Our position groups on Day 3 were just Line and Backs. On Day 1 of week 2 it would be broken down into Quarterbacks, Line, Running Backs and Receivers. Day 3 was 80% Individual time, teaching the absolute basics using progressions

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Youth Football Practice Week One

                To help youth football coaches understand how to consistently put together championship seasons, the 2015 SEASON blog posts give coaches details on how a season worth of those practices look like. Games are rarely won by a great adjustment on game days, they are won on the […]

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First Day of Youth Football Practice 2015

                What should your first youth football practice of the year look like? Should it be all about conditioning? Should you break down into positions? Should you start teaching fundamentals or plays? Or maybe you could go based on theory of what a High School or College coach […]

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Youth Football Practice Plans and the Value in Being Flexible

Being flexible and having a plan when you are coaching youth football seem a bit incompatible. Good youth coaches have written down plans to add rigor and to methodically develop our teams based on a schedule for that day. That schedule should have blocks of time allotted and accounted for in 10 minute increments for individual positions, small groupings based on positions and team. Every drill and concept covered in that segment needs to be written down and shared with the coaching staff prior to practice

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