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Participation Trophies For Youth Football More On Why I’m Not a Fan

                  Participation Trophies, for youth football, I’m not a fan. In my program we do not award trophies for participating. We are not YMCA every game ends in a tie- we don’t keep score soccer thing. While we make sure to be inclusive in practice and have […]

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Youth Football Recruiting- Using the Alabama- Nick Saban Approach

How does Alabama have the top rated college football recruiting classes every year? And how can we use the Alabama Nick Saban recruiting approach to help out our youth football recruiting? First of all we need to understand what Bama is doing to get all these 4 and 5 star players. Last week I saw […]

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Recruiting One on One in Youth Football

Most youth football programs have to hustle to get players and need some help when it comes to recruiting players one on one in youth football. What do you say? How do you approach it?

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The Top 10 Things Youth Football Coaches Do to Screw Up Their Teams

A lightbulb came on and I thought, we might as well copy the things we see as common amongst all of these great programs- but why not study the consistently poor programs too? If we found commonality there and committed to NOT doing what the poor youth football programs did, maybe there would be value there as well.

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Winning Youth Football Championships-The Boring Way- How They Are Really Built

When you are shooting for the top spot, you have to approach the season a little differently than maybe you’ve done in the past. To be the best, your standard has to be perfection. Will you ever hit it? Goodness no, but parts of your game will need to be near perfect, especially if like most of us, you don’t have the better talent

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Baltimore- GREAT TEMPLATE for Greatness- Youth Football Coaches Clinic

                        Thank you Baltimore for the great youth football coaches clinic we had there last weekend. I’ve done over 200 coaches clinics all over the world, but it’s always such a treat to get back to Baltimore. If you aren’t a clinic guy you […]

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Why Everyone Needs a “Mayor” on Your Youth Football Coaching Staff

Some youth football coaches love dealing with parents. They enjoy the personal relationships that can develop with some parents and are skilled at communicating with parents and problem solving the issues parents bring to their attention. There are others of us that just don’t have the time or patience to deal with the minutia or sort through the politics these conversations often times deal with.

We all have dealt with parents who are uninformed, unreasonable or there only to manipulate the situation to better serve their own selfish interests. We also have all dealt with very nice, well-meaning and reasonable people that want to make sure all the kids have a positive experience. The question is, do you have the time, energy and patience to handle all of that?

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Roster Number Issues for Struggling Youth Football Teams

Many struggling youth football programs have a tough time with roster sizes. Last week I got a call from the President of a youth football program that was agonizing over this very issue. The program him and his buddies were trying to turn around had done a flyer handout at the local school. In the […]

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Year End Trophies for Youth Football

So do we hand out trophies no matter what? Both sides have points that make sense, there isn’t a tin foil hat needed for any of those trying to make a case in this one.

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Stopping Youth Football Programs from Ruining High School Football Programs

Youth Football Guys RUINING Your High School Program? The lifeblood of any High School football team is numbers. Over time, if a High School football team doesn’t have numbers, they won’t be able to compete, no matter how great the coaching is. So where do those players come from? Over 96% of High School football […]

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