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Flag Football Safety- Safer than Tackle?

There are a number of people that would like to see youth tackle football go away and one of the strategies is to substitute flag football for tackle. The reasoning is that with all the pads and the tackling, flag football would have to be safer right? Well not according to a recent study.

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More Effective Open Field Tackling

Open field tackling can be one of the most difficult skills to teach when you are coaching youth football. Players without good body control or who don’t understand proper pursuit angles and tackling techniques are usually going to fare poorly when they have to make an open field tackle. While we can do a lot of technique and fit work when developing the skills for the open field tackle, in the end we have to get some full speed reps in to bring it all together and help the player feel confident in the way they approach, leverage and make the open field tackle.

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Youth Football Helmets- Decals and Reconditioning- MUST DOs

Did you know that most experts suggest that your recondition and recertify your helmets every year? If you aren’t doing it, you could be putting your player in harms way. How would you feel or what would your parents do if one of your kids got a concussion or serious head injury and they found it the helmet hadn’t been recertified? Not all insurance providers cover negligence.

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SIMPLE Youth Football Coaching Team Management Technique

Early in seasons especially with young rookie players you will see some equipment violation penalties. These are usually for not having their mouthpiece in. You especially see it amongst the little guys age 9 and below. Most referees will issue a warning or remind a player, but eventually the player has to learn for himself. […]

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Defending The Game of Youth Football Part II

It looks like there is a full scale assault on youth football  by the misinformed. The attacks on youth football continue from many sides and include well publisized assaults from the political ranks in Illinois and New York amongst others.  While youth football like any activity has risk, the risks seem to be misunderstood and […]

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Solving the Uncomfortable Youth Football Helmet Issue

Youth Football Helmet Dilemmas If a players helmet doesn’t fit well, you often times have an uncomfortable player who has little confidence in his gear. This can lead to problems like not blocking or tackling aggressively or even worse, injury. Most people don’t understand that not all youth football helmets are designed the same way. […]

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What the Penn State Scandal Means to Youth Football Coaches

What can we as youth football coaches take away from the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal at Penn State University? While not all of the charges have been proven, the sheer number of accusations and the eyewitness accounts from several reliable sources seem to point to Mr Sandusky being a child predator. If you haven’t […]

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Getting Rid of Other Time Wasters

Time Saving Tips I’m a task master when it comes to eliminating dead or wasted practice time in youth football. While we have been able to eliminate or reduce every time wasting activity known to man in our practices, we still seem to find a few overlooked areas from time to time. While you may […]

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“Face Tackling” in Youth Football

Face Tackling   Had a question come to me via e-mail this week from a first year youth coach: Is face tackling legal in youth football?   The current NFHS Rule book defines Face Tackling under NFHS 2-20-1.b (Illegal Helmet Contact) as, “Face Tackling is an act by a defensive player who initiates contact with […]

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Concussions in Football, The Risk of Permanent Injury

Concussions in Youth Football Concussions are a serious problem in football. According to the AMA about 6% of College football players sustain concussions during a typical season. Their latest study stated that many players are being rushed back into action while still exhibiting symptoms like dizziness, poor balance, cognitive impairment and severe headaches. The study […]

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