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Test Your Football Coaching Skills

Want to test your coaching skills against me in real time? This game allows you to choose the defense against my offense. Just click on the link and choose your defense. Very fun stuff.

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Beating Cover 2 Teams in Youth Football

Beating Cover 2 Teams in Youth Football    There are various defenses used in youth football today. Most youth coaches rely on what they played back in High School or often what they feel the most comfortable coaching. What that means to most of us coaching youth football is most of us will see lots […]

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Why Did the Single Wing Offense Die?

 What Caused the “Death” of the Single Wing Offense?   At one time the Single Wing Offense was like the Spread Offense of today. Invented by Pop Warner in 1907, it was the most common offense in its heyday. At one time there were more teams running the Single Wing than not, at every level […]

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Youth Football: Double Wing or Single Wing?

  The Double Wing- Single Wing Offense Comparison For youth football, which offense is better, the Single Wing or the Double Wing? Many of you may not know that I have coached both the Single Wing and Double Wing Offenses with several youth football teams. When I say Double Wing, I mean the traditional Double […]

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The Jet Series for Very Young Youth Football Teams

Coach Dave, We had a great season last year, we went 11-0 with your system with 7-8-9 year olds. I’m moving up with this same group of kids, we will have about 16 kids back from that team. What are your thoughts on running the “Jet” series with this group? Will it be too much […]

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Can The Single Wing Offense Work Against Teams That All Out Blitz Every Play

Question received by e-mail this week: Coach Dave, I’m considering running your system with an age 11-13 team I will be coaching this year.  The problem is we will only have 10 returning players and we play in a very competitive league. Most of the teams have adopted a “bring everyone” every play philosophy on defense. […]

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8 Man Football

I get e-mails all the time from 8 man teams that want to know how my offense would be modified to fit into the 8 man game. I rarely try and offer advice on subjects that I have not had hands on in-depth experience with. If I haven’t experienced the subject in-depth and actually had […]

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Why Use the Single Wing Offense for Youth Football

Why Use the Single Wing Offense? Before moving to any system one has to ask, what is it going to do for me? Too many youth football coaches either stick with something because it’s all they know or they switch to something that is popular in their league. Don’t be a lemming, do some research. […]

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Are other Youth Football Teams Catching Up With My System?

That is a question I get all the time from youth football coaches at coaching clinics and from e-mails. It is a concern some coaching youth football have since they don�t want to learn a system and have it be a one and done season, then have to move on to and learn another system. […]

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Another College Team “Steals” a Youth Football Offense

Darren McFadden With Tim Tebow winning the Heisman, not many people seem to be talking about Darren McFadden. This talented Arkansas running back finished second in Heisman voting this year and in 2006 as well, the first time that has ever happened. Arkansas Coach Houston Nutt, like Urban Meyer at Florida incorporated the Single Wing […]

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