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Marrying Offenses In Youth Football-Good Idea or Not?

Many first or second year youth football coaches make a big mistake with their teams by trying to marry offenses together that are like oil and water. These well meaning guys see something on television or get excited about what someone says on a football forum post and all of a sudden they have fallen […]

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Single Wing 303- Taking the Single Wing Offense to the Next Level

Single Wing 303 and Developing Chemistry, Character and Confidence Step-by-Step are finally unavailable after a long wait. Single Wing 303 Covers: Nuances and advanced adjustments on several base plays and series The New Buck Series More Detail on the Burst Series The New Super Series Omaha Spread Single Wing Cross Pass Series Smoke Pass Series […]

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Should I Add in a New Offense for the Big Game?

Many youth football coaches going into the playoffs consider making s few changes to try and confuse or out-scheme the great teams they will face late in the season. It’s a quandary many of us fall into, should we stick with what got us this far or surprise our opponent with something new that maybe […]

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Youth Football Coaching Politics

  Unfortunately the world of youth football today is often driven by politics. In the last two weeks I’ve had four different coaches share with me their frustrating stories. In every case these coaches were putting up with incompetent, ego driven “coaches” or administrators that were more concerned with their own coaching reputation than they […]

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