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Youth Football Onside Kick Survey Details

                          Ever wonder where you stack up when it comes to your onside kicks? Ever think about how that strategy works out for teams who employ it? I did a Survey Monkey Survey to help find out where the aggregate is at. Here […]

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Coaching Youth Football- Special Teams Install Before Game One

Like many leagues, this league has a minimum play rule “mpr”. The requirement is 8 snaps per player and all snaps count. Some youth football coaches make a big mistake and will put a bunch of their mprs on the special teams. The problem is on most special teams plays, you play in a lot of space. Space is the enemy of less athletic players and teams lose games when they don’t put their best players on Special Teams.

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SIMPLE Youth Football Coaching Team Management Technique

Early in seasons especially with young rookie players you will see some equipment violation penalties. These are usually for not having their mouthpiece in. You especially see it amongst the little guys age 9 and below. Most referees will issue a warning or remind a player, but eventually the player has to learn for himself. […]

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The Value of a Good Kicking Game in Youth Football

The kicking game seems to be an afterthought for most youth football coaches. You have such limited amounts of practice time and so much to get done, that kicking gets ignored. Hey, I understand that completely. Most of us have 25 kids on our teams, about half of them have never played before, heck some […]

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Youth Football Kickoff Strategies

While much of the football you watch on TV on Saturdays and Sundays don’t apply to the youth game, some strategy approaches may. I watched a real ugly game last season where the main feature of the game were the 35 mph winds. These winds were very consistent and heavily influenced the play mix of both teams. […]

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Changes in the Onside Kick Rule in Youth Football

This year the NFHS changed it’s rule concerning onside kicks. NFHS sets the rules in 48 of our 50 states- excluding Texas and Massachusetts. Youth football leagues in those 48 states abide by NFHS with a few minor exceptions. NFHS Rule 9-3-8 now prohibits members of the kicking team from initiating contact (blocking) against members […]

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Making the Same Mistakes as NFL Coaches Enable Youth Coaches to Lose Games

Little things separate youth football teams that finish 12-0 and those that finish 10-2, that also applies to football at other levels of play. Often times these little blunders are on special teams and are very preventable if you know what to look for. Last weekend one of these preventable mistakes happened during the Denver […]

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Keeping Your Hands Off the Center When Punting in Youth Football

Many youth football teams relegate the job of Special Teams coach to one of their least experienced coaches. While we all need to find real coaching duties for everyone on our coaching staff, Special Teams Coach is NOT the place you want to put the rookie coach. Against top flight competition, Special Teams is often […]

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PAT Kicks in Youth Football

PATs and Youth Football  In many youth football leagues, the Point After Try (PAT) kick is worth 2 points and a run or pass is worth just 1 point. That is the case with both Pop Warner and AYF leagues as well as many independent leagues throughout the country.  Many youth coaches feel they are […]

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More Data on Onside Kicks in Youth Football

More Data on Onside Kicks When Coaching Youth Football   Onside kicks are often the difference between average teams and good teams in youth football. They are especially important when your team is less talented than those in your league.   Why Onside Kicks?   I’ve been a firm believer in onside kicks for the […]

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