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Another Youth Football Loss that COULD Have Been Avoided

BE PROACTIVE As a youth football coach, the first thing that we need to do is to do no harm. The second thing is to coach up our players so they don’t beat themselves. I heard a story this week about a heartbreaking loss that could have easily been avoided with some good proactive coaching. […]

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The New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal and Youth Football

How does the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal affect youth football? Probably a lot more than you might think. No matter where you come down on your opinion of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal and the suspension of defensive coordinator Greg Williams, we all have to acknowledge and understand how this action affects the youth […]

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Youth Football Poor Sportsmanship or Not? You Make the Call

What to Do in Poor Sportsmanship Situations When Coaching Youth Football I heard from a youth football coach recently who wondered if he was the “victim” of poor sportsmanship. It was late in the 4th quarter of a game his team was losing by a score of 20-7. The other team was driving inside his […]

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Holding the Tight End in Youth Football

There seems to be some confusion either real or contrived as to what is and isn’t defensive holding. It seems some coaches seem to feel you and hold an offensive player as long as he isn’t in space and obviously on a passing pattern. Some coaches even have their Defensive Ends hold or even tackle […]

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The First Youth Football Brawl of the 2011 Season

It’s the start of youth football season, so like the leaves turning colors in Fall and the grasses turning green in the Spring, we get to see the first display of outrageously unsportsmanlike conduct from a youth football coach and fans. This atrocity occurred in Sarasota, Florida :   This one was especially brutal […]

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Over the Top or Just Being Enthusiastic?

When is a youth football coach being over the top and when is someone simply being enthusiastic? When it comes to games and scrimmaging, where is the line in the sand? While there may be a fine line with some of this, there are a few simple guidelines: When people start paying attention and noticing […]

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Youth Football Coaches Fighting Again- Why?

It isn’t even September yet and low and behold we have the first football fight of the youth football season. The NBC San Diego affiliate is reporting that a youth football coach was arrested after a confrontation with a parent – apparently stemming from a dispute over recruitment of a top player – in which the […]

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Lessons for Youth Football Coaches From a Major League Baseball Controversy

Reacting to Blown Calls When Coaching Youth Football On June 3rd Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Gallarraga was one out from throwing a perfect game when a ground ball hit by Jason Donald went for a single on the 27th out. The problem was Donald was mistakenly called safe at first base by umpire Jim Joyce, replays showed […]

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Overt Sportsmanship, The Ultimate Sportsmanship Story

 Overt Sportsmanship in Youth Football When coaching youth football, you have a bully pulpit available from which to infuse your players with various character traits. One phenomenal Texas High School Football coach decided to do something from his bully pulpit in a game that would forever impact both teams. A Very Compelling Story In November […]

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Youth Football Coaching, Act Like Men, Not Like Children, The Dorchester Pop Warner Incident

  Are You a Man or a Child? When coaching youth football, all coaches are given what may be the best platform ever invented for shaping and developing the character of young men. Unfortunately, some youth football coaches just aren’t up for the challenge. Pop Warner Woes Some of you may have read about the […]

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