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Youth Football Players Being Recruited as Eighth Graders

Are eighth grade youth football players just out of puberty really understand the criteria they should be using to determine what college makes the most sense for their needs? Heck they don’t even know what their needs are. In most cases, they probably don’t have a field of study picked out to even know if that college offers it.

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Youth Football Athletic Development

Boyd Epley, is often considered to be the “godfather” of modern strength and speed training for football. Boyd has published many articles on proper weight and speed training for young men age 10-14 as well as the college kids. I’ve spoken at the same clinics as Boyd, his presentations are always off the charts. My […]

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Football Speed Training in Youth Football

  What We Are Doing This Spring Speed Development For the second consecutive year my youth football program is doing an abbreviated “football speed” development program in the Spring. The program is designed to develop enthusiasm for playing in our program while working on form and “football speed” development. The program is called FASTT for […]

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First FASST Football Practice

This is our very abbreviated practice plan for week 1. We hope to have pictures posted in the next month. Spring Practice 1 6:00 Open-Intro Coaches Coaching Youth Football Philosphhy Goals Logistics 6:10 Cals-Warm Ups- High Knees-Butt Kicks Team Divides 6:20 Plyo Stations Cone Station 3 Cones�Outside IN- 10 seconds Inside Out-10 Seconds Side over […]

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Spring FASST Program

We are in our first year of doing some off-season player development. The program is called FASST and it stands for Fun Acceleration, Speed and Skills Training In past Springs we played in a 9 on 9 full contact flag youth football league. We practiced just 1 day a week and played a very short […]

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