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Why Good Football Minds Often Times Fail In Youth Football

These guys will try and baffle you with terminology BUT more times than not will fail to acknowledge or understand the youth equation. They either don’t understand the youth game or they are so stuck in their ways, they won’t admit it is a different animal in so many ways. Amazingly- ask these guys how well their own teams did, they will usually side step that question like it is a pile of dog poop or like politicians NOT answering a debate question they want to avoid. Most of these coaches don’t win when they are coaching youth football and will often blurt out excuses like; ‘who cares about winning a youth football game, only High School ball matters.”

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The NFL Draft and Youth Football

As youth coaches, we shouldn’t squelch those dreams, but in all reality, less than 1/10 of 1% of High School football players end up going on to play in the NFL. At the youth level, far less than half of our players will end up making it to play football in High School through their senior year. So for the youth level the odds of making it to the NFL are even less, at more like 1/30 of 1% , or one in 3,000 players.

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What Winners Do- From a Youth Football Coaching Perspective

The very successful youth football coaches I’ve known over the past 20 plus years almost to a man have this philosophy win games. On the flip side, think about the guys you know who coach youth football and seem to be on the opposite side of the coin on every one of these approaches. How do they do every year? If I’m looking to win most of my games, retain most of my players and make sure the kids have a positive experience, I’m copying the successful guys and doing the opposite of the guys who are consistently failing.

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At What Cost- Playing FAST in Youth Football

I see a lot of youth coaches asking their players to use techniques that often times make a youth player play slow. Speed and quickness are the keys in youth football at every position on the field. Sure you can out muscle weaker teams and overcome marginal teams with pure athleticism, but what happens when you […]

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Scrimmaging in Youth Football, the Double Edged Sword

I had to share with you some real world lessons I relearned this week when it comes to scrimmaging other teams in youth football. While scrimmaging other teams IS important so the kids can get a feel for what it’s like to make contact with a player from another team, scrimmaging is a trade off […]

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New Additions- Offensive Line DVD, Defensive DVD, Book

Offensive Line DVD, Defensive DVD, Book In an effort to help the coaches using our DVDs to be more effective coaches, we’ve added text addendums chocked full of diagrams, pictures and detailed explanations of how and why we do what we do. This also has allowed us to add some of the new things we […]

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What Are You Working on Right Now to Make Your Youth Football Team Better?

What Are You Working on Right Now to Make Your Youth Football Team Better? Have you taken the time to look back on last years season to see where you need to make improvements? You know how the saying goes about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you […]

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Beware the “NFL” Youth Football Coach

Beware the NFL Youth Football Coach In youth football your assistant coaches and be a godsend or a pebble in your shoe. One assistant coach I remember once brought me a stack of Linebacker drills he had culled from a very well known NFL coach. He had obviously put some time and effort into getting […]

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How to Screw Up Your Youth Football Team- Assume

Assuming In Youth Football Too many youth football coaches assume their players understand the game and even a lot of football technique terminology. For some coaches, they must think their kids are either much older than they are or are somehow students of the game who have poured over lots of old coaching manuals and […]

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Leadership Tips When Coaching Youth Football

One of the things that is interesting about coaching youth football is to study those that have consistent success and compare them to those who don’t. Hopefully by sharing that information with coaches, they can try to replicate what the successful coaches do and avoid what the unsuccessful coaches do. One of the less quantifiable […]

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