Game 2 Youth Football Results

Written by Dave on August 29th, 2012

Game 2 Youth Football Game Results

Again, keeping you updated on the age 7-9 youth football team I’m the head coach of this year. We won 38-6 after leading 30-0 at halftime and going to a running clock. The positives were we had just 1 penalty (horsecollar), no turnovers, just 1 bad snap (2nd team Center), aligned perfectly on defense every snap, pace was fast, subbed very well, tackling was excellent and we played aggressively.

The negatives were, the team we played wasn’t very good and unfortunately were poorly coached. We couldn’t take a whole lot from the game. This week however we travel to Manhattan, Kansas to play at Kansas State University’s Bill Snyder Stadium. We will be playing an all 9 year old team who has a striper weight 20 pounds higher than ours. From what I understand they are the best the area offers and were a Super Bowl team last season. They know what we run of course and we don’t have a clue of what they run. We are at a huge disadvantage but as always will do our best. This obviously stretches our team quite a bit.

If you are running our system, please keep us posted. Keep asking questions via         e-mail, I’m here to help you through your season.

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  • Coach D says:

    Congrats coach looks like the boys are playing well….

    Our 2nd game at the 8th grade level was another win for us 27 -12. We were up 21-6 and done with mpr’s at halftime (24 players) and had no turnovers and 1 offside because a player looked at the wrong # on the wristband. We controlled the tempo of the game and held on to the ball the entire 4th quater as we got 1st down after 1st down and took 3 knees at their 3 yard line to end the game (no need to score at that point).

    We still need better containment from our ends, our wedge & 16 power were effective but still needs improvements from our line.

  • Dave Cisar says:

    Congrats coach
    Let us know if there is anything we can help you on

  • Coach D says:

    I do have two questions. The first is we’re having some trouble with our 31 trap, the only play in the base that we’re unable so far to master positive yards on. My left tackle complains that he’s not able to go untouched so our RG can trap block which causes a traffic jam at the 1 hole.

    My next question is on defense I have a pretty good, athletic player (corner) that I’m seeing loose confidence each week because he allowed the player he’s on each week catch a couple of big passes per game only allowing 1 td, so he feels teams are going after him. At his age (13) I don’t want to reduce his time at that position just yet based on that because he has rebounded every time afterwards but at the same time I see another kid stepping up that might be able to do just as good a job. How do I rebuild that players confidence level back up while preparing him to eventually have him split that position with half the time with his backup without hurting his confidence even more.

  • Coach Brad says:

    Congrats Coach!

    We had our first taste of live football against other colours this past weekend. It was an exhibition scrimmage (no special teams) against our crosstown rivals and perennial league champions. Though we did not officially keep score they beat us 19-13 in the end, which is a good result considering we where missing our stud lineman as well as his back-up, amoung other players, on vacation.

    We ran Power, Sweep and Wedge well. Trap and Reverse gave us some issues, and the Power Pass was there but we just couldn’t connect.

    Our defence played spectacular. I love the bearcrawlers (2 little guys and 1 big but slow guy) on a couple occasions got pushed down, got up and made the tackle! Our linebackers flew to the ball and made 80% of the plays. DE did a great job staying home with the exception of one big play that went for a TD on a reverse.

    Can’t wait to see the complete package with our first game of the season this week!

  • Chris Keith says:

    Coach, I want to first congratulate your team on a good start. Second, I want to thank you for the system. I’m the coach of a 6-7 year old team. Last year, I tried to get our head coach to buy in to your system, it was a no go, and we had a terrible year – won two games and got blowed out of the others. This year, we are running your offense and we have started out 3-0 and have outscored our opponents 96-12. I like your system because it uses some deception (hard to track who has the ball) and at this age group eliminates the necessity of handoffs. I can’t tell you how many fumbles we see between the quarterback and running back exchange. We don’t have that problem. It’s also an easy system for the kids at this age to pick up and grasp quickly. Thanks for your help!

  • Emmett Dempsey says:

    Congrats. I have a question about the Single Wing. Are all the plays to the right? You never mention one way or the other if you can flip the plays.

  • davecisar says:

    Like most Single Wing teams we have plays to both sides of the formation and like most of them we do not flip the formation and plays.

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