Game 4 Youth Football Results

Written by Dave on September 12th, 2012

Every week during this season I will post the scores and some details on my own teams progress along with my regular posts on drills, xs and os, team management etc. I think it’s important that you know how my own team is doing in real life. Some of the so called youth football experts have never coached a single youth game, others did so for just a few seasons and many don’t coach at all now. The game has changed thanks to the internet and we change with it. All of my scores for the last 16 seasons are listed right here on the web site so you can see for yourself how I’m doing using the system.

Coaching every year in a large competitive league and playing travel games helps me refine what we do to a very fine edge, which I in turn share with you.

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The 3-4 grade team I’m head coaching this year won 48-14 in league play to advance to 4-0 for the season. We scored on every offensive possession except those where time expired at the half and end of game. We had 1 penalty and no turnovers in the blowout win.

Defensively the first team defense gave up just 2 first downs to this double tight wishbone team and has yet to be scored upon. With a 34-8 halftime lead, all of our 25 players got a lot of playing time. We saw our 9th different player score a touchdown this season, while 18 different players have touched the ball so far.

Our open field tackling and open field blocking has shown big improvements over the last 4 games.  I like how we are coming off the ball on both sides. We chose to scrimmage an undefeated inner-city team from another league this week in light of the blowout win on Sunday. While I’m not a fan of lots of scrimmaging in youth football, when you aren’t challenged, you have to stretch your team a bit in order to consistently improve. We will have to be better than 41 teams in our age bracket to win the entire league, so a mid season scrimmage makes sense for us.

We “won” that scrimmage over an all 4th grade team, who had been winning big every week. We scored 4 touchdowns on 20 offensive snaps. We gave up no touchdowns on defense and probably gave up 3 first downs on 20 defensive snaps. They were a 2X2 Spread team with a LOT of size and athleticism. They used a lot of motion, option and zone read stuff along with some pretty sophisticated passing schemes. It was a very good experience for our kids and they were great sports. Just what we were looking for. A shout out to the Nebraska Football Academy of Lincoln, class act, thank you for letting us scrimmage your teams.

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