Week 5 Youth Football Results

Written by Dave on September 19th, 2012

The 3-4th grade team I’m head coaching won 34-0 this weekend to move to 5-0 on the season. Every week we look at the things we did well and the things we need to improve on in the coming weeks. We play in a large and competitive league and everyone knows what we do and they come to this blog, so for now we won’t go into great detail.

Our first team defense has not been scored on yet this year, but we did give up 4 first downs. While our alignments and base reads were very solid, block destruction was average and we didn’t tackle up to our potential. The handful of stunts and adjustments we have in were all used and executed pretty well. We missed at least 6-7 tackles, which is above our average of 2-3 per game. We didn’t turn the ball over for the 4th time in 5 games. We have been averaging 1 penalty per game and in this game we had 6. A backup offensive lineman was having a bad day swinging in his stance.

We scrimmaged a team from another league and it was picture week last week. The lack of time spent in fundamental drills showed. We won’t be making that same mistake again, as our team took a half step back instead of a full step forward for the week.

For those of you using the WInning Youth Football System let us know how you are doing. If you have any questions or there is any way we can help you have a better season, let us know.

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  • Coach D says:

    Congrats to you and your boys coach,

    We had a disappointing Sunday as my 8th grade team played a team that ran your system 2 years ago and veered away from it for the spread, claiming it doesn’t work at the upper level. That team is cocky and their head coach is very arrogant but not a bad guy…. Anyways we lost 20 to 7 to go 3-1. They ran a spread offense which wasn’t that good. we too had pictures an hour before the game, so the boys concentration was completely off of football and it was tough getting them focussed as they were too pumped up for the game.

    This is my 2nd year running the SW and we had more turnovers in that game then we had in the last 11 previous games. We fumbled 2 times inside their 10 ydl, stopped on fourth and goal (missed blocks) and a bad snap on 2nd and goal from their 5. Thats 24 points. One of their scores came immediately after 1 of those turnovers. On a good note our defense played well and the boys understood that ball security is key so we know what we need to work on this week in practice.

  • It is refreshing as a mother to read about a coaching system that is balanced and informative for the young athletes. Coach Dave is teaching these young men discipline in a healthy environment yet having fun, but knowing that there is always room for improvement. keep up the great work coach.

    Barbara Smith
    Got Team Manager

  • Bill says:

    We are in the first year with this system, with a 6-9 year old team. My team is smaller than the most teams in our league, and have a ton of first year players. Last year with a more talented team we were around .500 using a different system.

    Im happy to report that as of now we are 6-0, have averaged 28 points per game while allowing only 6. Our league rule is when winning by 18 points, the 7 exterior players on offense cant play offense. Our first team offense has only been on the field in the second half in one game.

    The most impressive part for me is how easy this offense system is for they kids to learn. We have pulling guards, run the base plays as well as mouse, spinner and jet series, and the kids can run them all remarkably well. I wouldnt have believed it 6 months ago if you told me these kids could do all of that.

    Thanks again Dave for all of your help.

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